Saturday, May 23, 2009

Make up tips for Morena Filipina Women

The typical pinay can range from having a mestiza, chinita or morena look. This post will focus on the morena look. Morena females have a gorgeous tan colouring and they remind me of tropical goddesses. They look ravishing in warm colours such as fiery red, rusty orange, warm coco but they can also rock in steel gray and indigo blue. Every woman can get away with any colour out there just as long as they choose the right shade.

Being a morena myself, I've discovered things that work really well for my skin tone. Here are some top tips for the morena beauty:

- Since you have natural "colouring" (read: not pale) in your tone, too much make up can age you and make your face look dirty. The rule is to keep it simple.

- Remember to choose a focal point. Either eyes or lips but never both or you will look like Bozo the Clown.

- Find a foundation that will match your skin tone. Check to see if it matches your skin tone in natural light. If it does not head back to the cosmetics counter and demand an exchange or refund. This is one item that you should invest in. If you have really nice skin and if there is no need for foundation, invest in a mineral powder.

- Smokey eye make up suits you well. Smokey brown or gray both work. Remember to keep your lips bare with a nude coloured lipstick or gloss.

- The classic look of red lips also works really well. Make sure that your face is flawless and use mascara. My favourite shades are Toast of New York by Revlon, Brazillian by Rimmel and Sugar Maple by Lancome. They all have warm undertones and I've received many compliments.

- Gold toned make up is one of my favourite looks along with a nude, natural look.

- If you're looking blah, a bit of bronzer is your best friend for the day.

- For eye make up. Colours in the brown, gold, bronze and warm green and grey family work. Turquoise and purple also work but must be used sparingly.

- Look at pictures of Tia Carrere, Isabelle Daza, Angel Locsin, Nicole Scherzinger, Kourtney Kardashian, Daphne Osena Paez, Dawn Zulueta, Charo Ronquillo, Kaye Abad, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Salma Hayek, Hiroko Mima, Alessandra and Assunta De Rossi and Angel Aquino for inspiration.

Here is an example of Isabelle Daza sporting well-balanced look. The focal point are the eyes and the rest of her face is kept bare. Loving it lot's! (image from missology forum)

I love Hiroko's barely-there look (image from Ines Ligron's blog)

Salma Hayek with red lipstick. She looks really light in this pic (image from

The ravishing Nicole Scherzinger (image from

Kaye Abad (image from

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Thank yo for sharing this. I my self is a morena.

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nice read.. i'm a morena too.. and this article helps a lot.. thanks!

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